Collective leadership for high-quality careers support

Employer action on careers

Employer support for careers provision in schools and colleges

Many of the responses received from businesses, employer organisations, professional bodies and Sector Skills Councils referenced some of the many initiatives they support or deliver in partnership with third sector organisations, careers advisers, schools and colleges.

This short Annex captures a snapshot of some of these schemes and activities. It shows that employers are not just concerned about careers education and guidance in schools and colleges, but have also heeded the call from the CBI Director General, John Cridland, that ‘…businesses need to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in…’

These activities also offer the opportunity for greater collaboration between employers, professional careers advisers, schools and colleges. Ultimately, it is by working together that all stakeholders with an interest in careers education and guidance can provide far more effective help to young people than either could do on their own. This sits at the heart of the Careers Alliance campaign.

Dame Ruth Silver
Chair, Careers Alliance

Keith Herrmann
Convenor, Careers Alliance

CSSA BN13A Employer Support for CSSA Statement